Traces. A conceptual film that explores an alternate approach to marketing property

A proposal about exploring different media formats and channels for creating content for marketing property

FuturePart believes that multi-disciplinary collaboration can refresh the way we present built projects to the public. Too often marketing property rests solely on the architecture renders, billboards and in some cases bespoke launches to VIP clients and property brokers. This film proposal was part of a larger pitch in which ongoing film production, interactive exhibitions in the sales office and digital media would engage the public in the development of this first GBCSA Green Star 4 Star rated precinct in Johannesburg.

This proposal focused on the many players that come together to create successful projects and how a single high level conceptual camapign could allow the different players a space for owning their own contribution, while building a larger cohesive and more powerful narrative in mainstream media.


Film, Part of a larger proposal






Nisha van Der Hoven

Justus van Der Hoven