Reshaping the future of [work]space

How can we reshape the future [work]space to become frictionless & offer greater choice, combined with flexibility, safety and wellbeing?

Using Maslow’s hierarchy as a framework combined with research insights into intergenerational demands from the workspace, FuturePart presents points to consider as we navigate the ‘hybrid’ workspace.

Solutions that redefine the intersection between architecture, interior design, brand design, operations and brand culture. As workspace strategies are developed beyond the restraints of social distancing and the critical practices of hygiene and safety what are the further design interventions that can utilise the shift brought about by a pandemic to design a more inclusive workspace?

The opportunity presented is to create work cultures that embrace intergenerational diversity, foster different lifestyle and workstyle requirements while building trust in brands and co-learning collaborations.

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Insight Research




Research Lead: Nisha van der Hoven