FuturePart Launch Movie Shortlisted for Archiboo Web Awards 2019

Shot overnight in the Boogertman + Partners Johannesburg office with colleagues in lead roles and edited by the talented duo of Nisha and Justus Van Der Hoven

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Cognitive Mapping Workshop with Dr. Diaan van der Westhuizen

Techniques for Mapping Use and Behaviour in Urban Space

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FutureTalk – The design of NF Towers, Accra, Ghana

Video about the unique set of parameters that influenced the design of the NF Towers building in Accra Ghana.

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FuturePart goes live

24 months in the making FuturePart is ready to go live and to open a new chapter for Boogertman+Partners.

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A Future Of Disruptive Technologies

Exploration of the range and extent of technology within the Built Environment

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A Future Of Vertical Schools

Exploration of the viability of vertical schools as a typology in the context of African urban growth.

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A Future Of Architecture as Iterative Prototype

This study will explore the phenomenon of built- architecture as prototype.

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A Future Of African Urban Three-Star Hotels

Exploring the Future of African Three-Star Hotels

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A Future Of Architectural Film

Exploring the role of film in shaping the narratives of architecture.

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A Future Of Corporate Privately Owned Public Spaces

Can corporate Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) in African cities be(come) welcoming shared spaces?

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