Jeremy Melvin, Curator of WAF, in discussion with Bob van Bebber on the Business of Awards

An overview of the World Architecture Festival's success over the last 12 years and discussion on the impact it has had on winning practices and the architectural industry.

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A Future Of Corporate Privately Managed Public Spaces

An exploration of if and how corporate PMPS encourage positive encounters and foster a sense of shared space or if they merely reify existing urban divisions.

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FuturePart Launch Movie Shortlisted for Archiboo Web Awards 2019

Shot overnight in the Boogertman + Partners Johannesburg office with colleagues in lead roles and edited by the talented duo of Nisha and Justus Van Der Hoven

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Mapping Workshop with Dr. Diaan van der Westhuizen

Techniques for Mapping Use and Behaviour in Urban Space

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FutureTalk – The design of NF Towers, Accra, Ghana

Video about the unique set of parameters that influenced the design of the NF Towers building in Accra Ghana.

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FuturePart goes live

24 months in the making FuturePart is ready to go live and to open a new chapter for Boogertman+Partners.

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A Future Of Disruptive Technologies

Exploration of the range and extent of technology within the Built Environment

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A Future Of Vertical Schools

Exploration of the viability of vertical schools as a typology in the context of African urban growth.

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A Future Of Architecture as Iterative Prototype

This study will explore the phenomenon of built- architecture as prototype.

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A Future Of African Urban Three-Star Hotels

Exploring the Future of African Three-Star Hotels

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